Penryn Women's Institute

Penryn Women’s Institute has formed an integral part of life in Penryn for the past 82 years. Founded in June 1929 and until recently has met at the Welfare Hall on every Wednesday since that date. Nowadays the meetings are held twice a month. Inaugurated by the Mayoress of the day, Mrs J.C. Annear, the wife of a prominent coal merchant whose business operated adjacent to Penryn Quay. At a largely attended meeting Mrs Annear was elected President. Various Committees were appointed and the Mayoress entertained the gathering to a pasty supper.

The Women’s Institute has been a great asset to the life of Penryn Town over the ensuing years, especially during times of crisis, i.e. during the war, the institution helped to welcome many evacuees from London helping the billeting in various homes with new families. Many of the evacuees remained after hostilities.

The Welfare Hall had to be vacated to be accommodated as a schoolroom for these children. Again following damaging air raids, W.I. members proved their worth in many ways.

At this time membership amounted to between 70 and 80, now sadly declining but with enthusiastic and dedicated members confidence is high and new members will be made most welcome and with an interesting programme of events being planned and a friendly and forward looking company of woman an enjoyable time is assured.

Contact: 01326 373546