Public Meeting

Wednesday 18 February, 7.00 p.m. in the Temperance Hall

The public meeting is to give the wider community an opportunity to make its views known to the Council on the petition from the Glasney Green Space Regeneration Group.  Councillors will be attending the meeting to listen to those views, but will not engage in a debate.  Cornwall Council officers will also be attending to answer any technical questions.

In order to ensure that all speakers who wish to have the opportunity to put their points across, the following rules will apply: 

  • All those who wish to speak at the meeting should register with a member of staff on the night.  If you are not sure if you wish to speak, you are advised to sign up as you can indicate that you have changed your mind later when your name is called.
  • Speakers will be called strictly in order of the registration list.
  • Speakers may make a statement and/or ask a question(s).
  • In the case of a question, if it cannot be answered fully at the meeting, a note will be taken and answers will be published on the Council's website following the meeting.
  • Speakers asking a question which is answered at the meeting may ask a supplementary question to the responder to clarify any points they have made only.
  • The Chairman will use her discretion as to how long speakers are permitted to speak to avoid repetition and digression.
  • No defamatory or abusive comments will be tolerated.
  • Members of the public should respect the right of others to voice their opinion and anyone interrupting another speaker or heckling may be asked to leave.
  • In the case of a disturbance, the Chairman may adjourn or suspend the meeting.
  • If there is sufficient time the Chairman will allow any new points or questions raised from the floor once those on the speakers list have spoken.
  • In the interests of time, speakers are requested not to repeat points that have already been made by other speakers, but they may indicate that they agree with the comments of a previous speaker.
  • Notes of the meeting will list the main points raised only and will not be verbatim.
  • The Chairman has the final word in all matters relating to the conduct of the meeting.

Please note that our staff are there as employees of the Council to help facilitate the meeting.  They have no involvement in the decision-making process, so whilst we understand that feelings may be running high in some cases, please treat the staff respectively and refrain from attempting to engage them in debate.

It is anticipated that a response to the petition will be considered at the Council meeting on 2 March.